Attorney Jeffrey Feiler Now Offers Medical Marijuana Legal Advice in Florida

Prominent Miami criminal lawyer provides consultation to potential clients for this flourishing industry.

Miami, FL – (Marketwired – October 18, 2013) - Should the proposed Florida Medical Marijuana Constitutional Amendment be placed on the November 2014 ballot and if Florida voters approve that Amendment on the November 2014 ballot, this will create an exponentially-growing Florida Medical Marijuana business. Attorney Jeffrey Feiler had a great deal of exposure in this area, as he experienced the development of the Colorado Medical Marijuana industry in 2010.

Jeffrey Feiler played a critical role in providing legal advice before, during, and after the legalization of medical marijuana in Colorado. He witnessed firsthand the complete development of this process, proving he and his law firm can offer the best legal advice for Florida Medical Marijuana. With his main office in Miami, Florida and an office in Boulder, Colorado, Mr. Feiler has the necessary expertise to provide legal advice to anyone who wants to grow commercially-viable Marijuana.

Colorado limited a patient and his caregiver to grow six plants per patient. The Florida Amendment is silent as to the number of plants, and leaves this open to Florida's Department of Health and Physicians to determine quantities. This ambiguity may initially lead to caregivers taking absurd positions as to the number of plants they may grow per patient.

The Florida Amendment clearly states that patients and caregivers are "not subject to criminal penalty." The Colorado Amendment created an "affirmative defense," a procedure that persons arrested under marijuana-related circumstances could use as an exemption from criminal sanctions. This is also planned to avoid the challenges faced in Colorado, as Colorado law was much more confusing in with respect to what acts could constitute criminalization.

Florida also clarifies that Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MMTC), or simply, retailers who store, grow and infuse product, will be registered as commercial enterprises. This will create a "for profit" industry, statewide!

The big question is, where in Florida will marijuana stores –known as "Dispensaries"–be permitted? Where will indoor and outdoor growing facilities be allowed? These are all important issues to anticipate this upcoming change in Florida's laws. Clients who retain Jeffrey Feiler will benefit from his insights. Serious and well-funded prospective clients should seek his advice in preparing for a legalized Florida.

Growing of the Cannabis plant commonly called "weed" is not simple, especially when it is to be done as an organic medication, prohibiting the use of chemicals to control pests. A common fallacy is the belief that anyone who has grown marijuana in a home garden will be a successful commercial grower. Even the most arrogant and confident growers fail miserably at delivering commercially-viable product.

After three decades, Mr. Feiler and The Feiler Law Firm continue to help more people who are looking for proper legal advice, not only in Miami, Florida but all over the US. By providing professionals with high ethical values and a keen sense of dedication to protecting the rights of their clients, The Feiler Law Firm has become the top choice for a Miami Criminal Defense Attorney. Please go to if you are a well-funded person or company who wishes to employ the Feiler Law Firm to assist you with Florida Medical Marijuana Law.