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The life span of a criminal case may be as brief as a few days or remain unresolved for months, even years. Every criminal case has a beginning, a middle and an end. The possible stages of a criminal case, from start to end are: Police Investigation, Arrest, Bond Hearing, Case Review by the Prosecutor, Arraignment, Discovery, Plea Negotiations, Motions, Hearings, Trial, Dismissal or Sentencing, and Appeals. But cases may not proceed in that order.

Proceedings also differ in each jurisdiction. For example, a defendant is entitled to take sworn statements of witnesses (known as depositions) in Florida State Court Cases. However, depositions are not permitted in Federal Cases nor are they permitted in Colorado or most other states. The attitudes and policies of Prosecutors vary from one county to the next.

At The Feiler Law Firm, our objective is to help clients through each phase of this difficult and dangerous process. By successfully defending crimes that range from misdemeanors to serious Federal and State felonies including murder, The Feiler Law Firm has developed legal expertise across a broad range of different cases that has proven successful in bringing hundreds of cases to a successful conclusion. We've accomplished that by carefully applying the right strategy at the right time for each phase of a criminal proceeding. This section provides a general description of what occurs in each phase of a criminal case.