Our Practice

We Pride Ourselves On Ethics and Excellent Service

The Feiler Law Firm provides vigorous legal defense by Miami criminal attorneys for a wide variety of cases from serious Federal and State felony crimes to more common misdemeanor crimes.

Our Miami lawyers represent clients from all walks of life that include US citizens and corporate executives, as well as foreign visitors. We reinforce our legal team with local expert counsel so that we are able to represent clients across many cities and states with the best resources available for each specific case.

At The Feiler Law Firm, our objective is to help clients through a difficult and dangerous time. Some clients are truly not guilty of the crimes for which they are charged. Police do make errors. Witnesses sometimes lie and have hidden agendas. In these situations, either a prosecutor or your jury must be persuaded and convinced to dismiss the case.

Some clients have committed an offense but have been arrested or charged with crimes which overstate their transgression. Perhaps unconstitutional or impermissible police methods were employed during the investigation. The goal is to reach an appropriate resolution. Keeping our clients out of jail or prison and avoiding felony convictions are our prime objectives.

Occasionally, a client is truly guilty as charged. The spectrum of sanctions can range from probation to prison. In some cases, even life or death. Our strategy is to determine why the offense occurred and what caused our client's state of mind. Only then can an appropriate sanction be determined. Our goal is to avoid incarceration, avoid a conviction and achieve the best result possible.

The Feiler Law Firm typically works on a "flat fee" basis. Each case is unique. A fee, quoted during the initial free consultation, is usually split into three parts: (1) prior to charge(s) being filed; (2) pretrial discovery period; and (3) trial, if necessary. This process will be discussed and customized on a case-by-case basis. In other instances where an hourly arrangement is made, the customary fee consists of a non-refundable retainer and a $400 U.S. dollar per hour rate.

The Feiler Law Firm is very proud of our record over the years. Mr. Feiler has saved lives. He has improved the lives of many of their clients. Most of our clients do not repeat their offenses. They proceed to live productive, prosperous and happy lives.

The Feiler Law Firm's Main offices are located in Miami, Florida. The Feiler Law Firm has satellite offices and offices with a network of affiliated attorneys throughout the United States. Call us at 305-670-7700 whenever you, a family member or friend is facing a serious legal battle. Let us help you with your most difficult and serious criminal legal problems.