Arrest Records

If you have been arrested and your case was dismissed in Florida, you may be able to Expunge or Seal your Criminal Record. This means that it can be erased from the state computers. More importantly, the law says you do not have to acknowledge having been arrested. This works wonders on most job applications and can assist you in getting the job you want. You must be careful because some applications, such as the Florida Bar and many Federal Agencies, do require disclosure. If The Feiler Law Firm handles the Expungement or Sealing, we remain continually available to answer job application questions free of charge.

The Feiler Law Firm may also be able to Vacate prior convictions which are preventing you from getting Citizenship or are causing you to be Deported, or Excluded from this country.

Additionally, The Feiler Law Firm may be able to have your Civil Rights restored or assist you in getting Executive Clemency. Each case is unique and must be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Through many years of successfully defending against charges ranging from misdemeanors to serious federal and state felonies, The Feiler Law Firm has developed expertise across a broad range of different legal issues in criminal cases, and has proven successful in bringing hundreds of cases to a successful conclusion.