Foreign Citizens In Trouble

Sometimes people visiting the United States find themselves under arrest for violating the law. Being arrested in a foreign country is a frightening experience. Of course, your friends and family will want to get you out of custody as quickly as possible. The Feiler Law Firm can help you get a Bond and to get out of jail as soon as possible.. There may be a language barrier. The Feiler Law Firm has hired a world-renowned group of interpreters that handle such events as the Miss Universe Pageant. Consequently, we can communicate with you either by email or over the telephone in real time, in virtually every language. Once out of jail, the Feiler Law Firm can endeavor to get permission from the Court for you to travel to your home country. Then it may be possible for your Attorney to handle most Court proceedings without the need for you to return. The ultimate objective is to conclude the case so that no Warrant is issued, and so that you may be able to travel freely and perhaps (with the permission of appropriate agencies) return again to the United States.

Through many years of successfully defending crimes that range from misdemeanors to serious Federal and State felonies, The Feiler Law Firm has developed legal expertise across a broad range of different cases that has proven successful in bringing hundreds of cases to a successful conclusion.