Printable Tips to Avoid a DUI Charge

Print and Store in Your Car!

Following these key steps may keep you from getting a DUI.

This page was created in response to our blog post on Tips to Avoid a DUI Charge to provide a shortened reference one could print out and store in their car.

Step1: The Officer will inquire as to whether you have been drinking.
  • Respond by saying: "Officer, if you think I shouldn't be driving let's park my car and I will come back for it tomorrow."
Step2: Next, one of two things will happen:
  1. The Officer will give you a break and the car is parked, thus you have avoided a possible DUI charge -OR-
  2. The Officer persists, in which he is only out to get evidence against you to charge you with a DUI. In this case follow the next steps:
    • Be polite and friendly but refuse to answer any questions (you have that right).
    • Refuse to do any roadside exercises (they are voluntary and you are not required by law to do them).
Please Note: You may refuse to take a breath test however there will be Administrative consequences including a temporary suspension of your license. But, if you blow more than a .08 then that will be devastating evidence against you and your license will be suspended anyway. If you feel you may be over the legal limit it would be best not to give a breath, urine, or blood sample at all.

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