Associates & Local Counsel


We reinforce our legal team with local expert counsel so that we are able to represent clients across many cities and States with the best resources available for each specific case. The Feiler Law Firm has worked with the following experienced and distinguished legal experts to produce the best results for our clients.

Concepcion, Sexton and Martinez (including Nelson Bellido) are a first class law firm affiliated with the Feiler Law Firm. They specialize in Business Law, Commercial Transactions, Contracts and Commercial Litigation. They represent Corporate Clients all over the world in multi-million dollar matters. Their main office is in Coral Gables, (Miami) Florida.

  • Donald Spadaro- Broward County
  • Larry Wolk - Broward County
  • Ian Goldstein - Palm Beach County
  • Josh Zelman - Tallahassee
  • Hal Schumacher - Monroe County
  • Robert Whittle - Central Florida
  • Debra Cohen - Appeals and Post Conviction Work
  • Sharmila Bhagwandeen - Medical Marijuana
  • Alfredo Zamora - Former Miami-Dade Assistant state Attorney
  • Andrew Feldman - Federal Cases
  • Chad Oxman - Denver
  • Greg Petner - Denver