Quick Filing on Any Errors Committed or New Evidence
During a Trial or Sentencing, errors may occur. The Judge may mistakenly permit the Prosecutor to admit certain evidence which prejudices the Defendant. The Prosecutor may say or do things which are unfair to the Defendant. If so, a Court of Appeals could review the case. That higher Court could vacate the Judgment, Order a New Trial or even a Dismissal.

An Appeal is expensive. Most trial lawyers team up with an Appellate specialist. The rules and procedures in the Court of Appeals are very strict and quite different from the Trial Court.

A Notice of Appeal must be filed quickly. In Federal Courts (10) Ten days after entry of the Judgment. In State Courts (30) Thirty days. Thereafter, a Record is submitted to the Appellate Court along with Briefs by the Parties. Occasionally oral arguments are permitted.

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