Understand the Charges in Order to Plead Correctly
Arraignment is the proceeding in Court where the accused is informed of the charges contained in the Indictment or Information against him. It occurs about three weeks after arrest. You are required to Plead Guilty or Not Guilty. In some jurisdictions the lawyer may appear without the accused.

A case might be resolved at the Arraignment if a beneficial plea bargain or Pre-Trial Diversion program can be agreed upon. Some Judges and Prosecutors will be more lenient if a defendant is willing to resolve the case quickly. Thereby avoiding more work and expense.

The majority of cases proceed by a Not Guilty Plea. Future Court dates are set for further proceedings.

Your lawyer should be fully retained by this time. He will file a Notice of Appearance and become counsel of record. Discovery and Trial by Jury may be requested. The Clerk of Court will notify your lawyer of all Court proceedings. The Prosecutor is obligated to copy counsel with any pleadings or motions he files.

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