Expert Explanation of Whether Trial is the Right Option for You
A Trial is usually heard by a Jury. Six or twelve persons, depending upon the jurisdiction or type of case, who hear the admissible evidence and decide whether the Prosecutor has proven that the charges are correct beyond a Reasonable Doubt. If not, the accused should be Acquitted.

There is great risk and possible reward at trial. An adverse verdict could lead to a long term of incarceration. Perhaps it would have been better to Plea Bargain for less time in Prison. An Acquittal on all counts and the accused goes free.

Making a decision whether to go to Trial is one of the most important decisions a person is likely ever to make. An experienced trial lawyer can explain the evidence and predict the probable effect it will have on a jury. Only after careful consideration of the risks and factors upon which the case may be decided should an accused person decide whether a trial is warranted.

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