Bond Hearing

Know How to Prepare and What To Do After the Hearing
Once arrested you will be fingerprinted at the Police station and then taken to jail. Call your lawyer from the jail. He will contact a respectable bail bonds firm. You might be home in just a few hours. Some jurisdictions have "standard bonds" in a book for each type of crime. Other jurisdictions have a bond review process (known as a First Appearance) before a Judge or Magistrate. This type of hearing usually occurs within (24) twenty-four hours to determine whether the arrest was supported by Probable Cause. The amount of bond or a bond reduction might be obtained at this hearing.

If the bond amount is not affordable or when the person remains detained without bond, your lawyer can attempt to have the matter heard before the actual Judge who will preside over the case. That Judge may set a bond or reduce the bond amount at this hearing if your lawyer can persuade the Court that you are neither a risk of flight (you will come to Court) nor a danger to the community. When very serious crimes are alleged the State or Federal Government may seek (Pre-Trial Detention) to hold the defendant without bond until trial.

Generally there are several types of Bonds. There is the traditional Corporate Surety Bond which you use a Bail Bond Firm to post. The premium is usually ten percent to fifteen percent depending upon the jurisdiction. Another type of bond is a Ten Percent Bond where someone places ten percent of the face value in the Court's Registry. The good news is that the depositor gets all of the money back, sometimes with interest, once the case is closed. Another type of Bond is a Personal Surety Bond. This is also called a Signature Bond because you do not have to put up any money at all. You just promise to appear. The best Bond is a Recognizance Bond where no money is necessary and nothing is at risk. The Feiler law firm works with numerous Bail Bond Firms and can recommend firms we trust to do the job of getting a person out of jail quickly and efficiently.

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