Expert Advice and Explanation of your Case
An accused person is entitled to know what evidence is in the possession of the authorities to support the criminal charges. Your lawyer obtains this information during the discovery process. Your attorney will request that Discovery be provided in accord with the Rules of Criminal Procedure. The Prosecution is then obligated to file a Discovery Response. This will inform the Defendant, to some extent, about the evidence against them.

In Federal cases, a defendant receives limited information; not even a witness list until the day of trial. In State cases, the lawyer gets a list of witnesses and in some States such as Florida your lawyer can take a sworn statement from each witness (Deposition) to find out every last detail about the case. A well informed attorney can give better advice.

Discovery may include Police Reports, Statements of Witnesses, Statements made by the accused either oral, recorded or written, crime scene reports, reports of Expert witnesses, fingerprints, DNA, telephone records, wire tapping recordings and any other material evidence which the Prosecutor may use at trial.

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