Ensuring That You Are Being Tried Fairly in Court
During the course of the case your lawyer will probably file Motions for the Judge to consider. Motions are usually made in writing stating the relief you seek. There are far too many types of Motions to list.

Pre-Trial Motions may seek to Suppress Evidence such as Statements, Physical Evidence or Identifications when the authorities have themselves not followed the law. Other Motions made prior to trial include Severance from a Co-Defendant, Motions in Limine (to limit the Prosecutors case) and Motions to dismiss the case. All potentially have a major effect on the quantity and quality of evidence the Prosecutor may present. Motions, in which the Defendant prevails, could weaken, cripple, or destroy the Prosecutor's ability to proceed with the litigation. This could also lead to a beneficial plea bargain and conclusion of the case or dismissal.

Once your attorney discusses all of the facts of your case with you, only then will he be able to determine which Motions are appropriate to file.

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