Clear Explanation of Options and Help to Reduce Penalties
If a Defendant enters a Plea of Guilty, Nolo Contendre (No Contest) when permitted or is found Guilty at Trial, he will come before the Judge for Sentencing. The Court will decide what punishment is appropriate. A Lawyer should try to keep his client out of jail and in some jurisdictions can avoid a permanent conviction.

Sentencing may be simple. For example, the Court may accept the sanction to which the parties have agreed by a plea bargain. Probation, Community Control (House Arrest), County Jail, State Prison, Federal Prison are all possibilities.

Sentencing can also be quite complex entailing the application of a mathematical formula called the Sentencing Guidelines. The Court may depart or adjust the Sentence based upon aggravating or mitigating reasons. A lawyer should render an in depth analysis of this process. An experienced lawyer might have a potential sentence reduced by months or even many years.

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